As a global asset manager, we believe we have a responsibility, not just to our clients, but to society as a whole. We are committed to leadership, transparency and consistency in sustainable investments, a commitment that runs throughout the global organization.*

We use our global scale as a major investor to encourage companies to develop resilient strategies, think longer-term and consider all their stakeholders. We also work towards changing wider market standards, policies and regulations to make the financial system more sustainable.

We do this because we care for our clients’ future and believe that good governance protects the long-term prospects of our clients. 

Sustainable investments impact:

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* “Legal & General” also seen as “we” throughout this presentation relates to Legal & General Investment Management America (“LGIMA”), an SEC registered investment advisor, Legal & General Investment Management (“LGIM”), an FCA authorized advisor, LGIM Asia an adviser registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and LGIM International (“LGIMI”), an FCA authorized advisor and SEC registered investment advisor. The foregoing presentation is for the services of only LGIMA.