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Market Perspectives - Apr 4

After a dreadful month spent watching COVID-19 spread worldwide, there are still more questions than answers when it comes to the impact on the global economy, financial markets and society in general. Read more

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Daily Pension Funded Status Update

As of March 30th, LGIMA estimates that pension funding ratios decreased 9.0% year to date, with changes primarily attributed to negative global equity performance. Read more


Market Perspectives - Mar 27

The defining characteristic of the Covid-19 crisis is proving to be speed: the rapidity of the virus’ spread, the swift grinding to a halt in economic activity and the extraordinary quick market selloff. But the pace of action by policymakers has been equally speedy. Read more


Market Perspectives - Mar 20

Somehow the word “unprecedented” just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore when describing the economic devastation and financial market pain being wrought by the coronavirus. Read more

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Market Perspectives - Mar 13

There is an old adage in credit markets that last cycle’s problem sector is unlikely to be the source of trouble in the next cycle. Read more


What to Do in Volatile Markets

The novel coronavirus, in conjunction with escalating tension in relation to oil production, created waves of volatility throughout capital markets. Read more

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Thoughts From the Active Fixed Income Team

It is difficult to characterize the volatility seen in fixed income over the last few days as anything but extreme. Read more


Our Thoughts on Coronavirus

Beyond the human tragedy caused by the virus, the efforts to slow the spread of the virus are likely to have significant economic implications. Read more


Markets Catch a Cold

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing distributions for business travel, grocery stores and investors. For defined benefit pension plans the prognosis could be grim. Read more

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The Pension Hurdle Rate

At LGIMA, we find that a straightforward way to assess how financial policies work together to achieve objectives is the pension hurdle rate. Read more

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Pension Debt is Junk

The practice of deferring funding historically provided a cheap source of financing. Today, it is the financial equivalent of issuing junk bonds. Read more


Securities Lending: Is the Game Worth the Candle?

Investors should remember that securities lending is not a free lunch and always consider the risk and reward of these programs. Read more



The SECURE Act is a key piece of legislation that supports our DC strategy, which is focused on delivering a comprehensive income solution framework pairing investment-only solutions with guaranteed income solutions. Read more


Becoming a Bank?

In the days leading up to the September FOMC meeting, an imbalance of supply and demand in the repo market led to elevated overnight funding rates, briefly jumping above 10%. Read more


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