21 December 2020

The Three Cs: a Client Story

We present here the story of an organization with whom we were privileged to walk alongside through their pension journey. We present this not as a blueprint for every organization, but as an illustration of the crucial process of inquiry for organizations that navigate through a pension management process. This client’s story aims for the lofty goal of “learning from yesterday” and “not to stop questioning.” We hope that in telling this story new questions can be brought to mind that highlight the value of open investigation into the potential relevant tradeoffs in each company’s pension context.

A disclaimer at the onset is warranted. There is no single right answer to many of the issues explored here, but we believe that better answers can be reached when we 1) embrace the nuance of a company’s circumstances; 2) thoroughly explore second order effects of decisions; and 3) acknowledge that there are always competing factors as we reach for solutions. These are three essential elements of successful pension management. Each sponsor may reach different answers to these concerns as they move through their own process of discernment and recognize the tradeoffs inherent in any management decision.

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