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Index funds offer investors access to a variety of investment opportunities across different strategies and asset classes in a simple, cost effective, and highly efficient manner.

Our philosophy

  • The core of our philosophy is the belief that our clients and the funds in which they invest come first
  • Our goal is to provide investors with more than just index returns - we aim to provide them with all that they are entitled to as index investors

Legal & General index fund management

Legal & General* is one of the largest index managers in the world. Legal & General's success has been built by focusing on the provision of cost effective solutions which meet clients' specific requirements. As a responsible indexer, we strongly believe that we have three important objectives within the portfolio management process: close tracking, minimizing cost, and adding value where appropriate.

At Legal & General Investment Management America, we focus on the following key attributes:

  • Product diversity - We work with our clients to bring new index investment opportunities across different capital markets, enabling a high degree of transparency and flexibility
  • Operating model aligned with clients' interests - We provide portfolio management services free from any of the conflicts of interest encountered in asset management firms which are also involved in banking custody, fund accounting, or securities lending as we  have no affiliates involved in these or related activities
  • Commitment - Index fund management is core to our business strategy and our commitment to passive management is unequivocal, as shown by our ongoing innovation and delivery of value for investment management solutions
  • Value-enhancing approach - we aim to provide investors with all that they are entitled to as a passive holder of securities rather than just index returns.

An important component of our index offering is how we take shareholder proxy responsibilities seriously, and raise the governance framework and transparency across companies and markets. With respect to the proxy voting policy used by LGIMA for the equity index tracking funds of the Legal & General Collective Investment Trust and LGIMA’s equity index LLC funds, we have updated the policy to align with our global practices, effective October 1, 2018. The policy, posted here, reflects our evolving views of effective corporate governance and sustainable business models. If you would like to learn more about the updated proxy voting policy and hear more about our views of governance and stewardship, please contact your designated Distribution or Strategy team member. Alternatively please email [email protected]

*The global index team described throughout is a Legal & General groupwide offering comprised of members of LGIM, LGIMA, and LGIMI and is described as "Legal & General"

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