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How 2024's US Election Redefines Boundaries

The leading candidates' starkly diverging views on tariffs and immigration are likely to mark a pivotal moment for the economy in 2025 and beyond.

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LGIM America exists to help people achieve their long-term financial goals and to make a difference in their lives, industries and communities. As a Chicago-based registered investment advisor with $219.7 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2024, we are proud of our commitment to partner with clients. We specialize in the design and management of investment solutions for the US institutional market that address three primary concerns: stabilizing pensions, income for life and sustainable solutions.


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Blog: SDOFI Takes the Cake in Today’s Fixed Income Regime

In the last two years the Fed increased rates at the fastest pace in 40 years, which has led to a challenging environment for fixed income returns. However, our Short Duration Opportunistic Fixed Income (SDOFI) strategy is designed to preserve capital and produce positive returns across multitude of environments, where it has been in line with expectations since 2009.

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Tailor Your Risk by Buttoning-up with an Equity Collar

We believe it is particularly crucial for pension plans to limit the range of potential funded status outcomes. Using a collar strategy defines the range of equity outcomes, giving sponsors greater control over the actions required to finish fulfilling pension obligations.

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Blog: Capturing the Missed Opportunities of Standard Passive Investing

The marketplace for passive investing has evolved to exploit inefficiencies in an attempt to maximize performance, but not all investors are aware. Our Index Plus strategy seeks to exploit these inefficiencies by implementing a low active risk approach.

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Nasdaq TradeTalks: The Direction of the US Economy

Anthony Woodside, CFA, FRM, Head of Multi-Sector Fixed Income & Investment Strategy, sat down with Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss the direction of the US economy and implications to consider in a higher-for-longer rate and inflation environment.

Pawar Revanta

The Journal of Portfolio Management Features Revanta Pawar

In the article, Revanta Pawar, Portfolio Manager in the Portfolio Solutions group, describes a new framework for isolating the contribution to a given portfolio metric – volatility, for instance – of each of the constituent asset-time period pair building blocks that informs its measurement.

CIO Award

2023 CIO Industry Innovation Award - Public Fixed Income

CIO has selected LGIM America as the 2023 Industry Innovation Award winner for Public Fixed Income. The CIO awards centered on allocators driving change and enhancing institutional fund performance and the service providers driving innovation in institutional investing.1

Stewardship through action

Lewis Pugh Swim

At LGIM America, our purpose is to create a better future through responsible investing. Our 13th Active Ownership report shows how we engage with companies and policymakers, and how we push for positive change for our clients and the world. Read the report to find out more about how we put our purpose into action.

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1. Chief Investment Officer, 2023 Asset Management & Service Providers survey. Nominees are anonymously submitted by their peers across the industry. Finalists and winners are chosen from the nominee pool by the CIO editorial team in conjunction with an advisory board of former and current CIOS. LGIMA did not compensate CIO for its award. This award does not imply that LGIMA will or has been successful in its product offerings or services.

2. P&I listed LGIMA as one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management” for 100-499 employees. LGIMA did not compensate Pension & Investments for this award. More detailed information regarding the survey methodology and tabulation of results can be found at:

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