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Multi-asset Solutions

Assisting investors in achieving their desired market exposures while attempting to optimize the cost-risk tradeoff


Volatile markets, liquidity constraints and transaction costs are among the many obstacles that can cause plans to deviate from their intended course. Our professionals focused on multi-asset use both physical instruments and derivatives designed to provide custom cost-efficient strategies to help institutional investors navigate rapidly changing investment environments. Our multi-asset strategies are designed for investors who are seeking to optimize their strategic asset allocation, benefit from dynamic approaches for portfolio protection, or implement cost-effective solutions for market exposure replacement. An outline of our solutions includes the following:

Policy allocation management

  • Cash equitization and completion (total plan level or individual asset classes)
  • Factor exposure and completion
  • Volatility management and completion
  • Tactical asset allocation

Equity hedging and structuring

  • Broad index overlay and replication
  • Tactical hedging
  • Tail risk protection
  • Cross asset exposure (e.g. dual beta)

Alternatives replacement

  • Alternative risk premia
  • Liquid private equity
  • Short volatility (equities and rates)
  • Multi-asset absolute return

Our approach

Each investor has a unique set of objectives, risk preferences and constraints that will be considered to create thoughtful and effective investment solutions. We use our proprietary risk management tools to understand and model the different investment risk factors. This helps us determine the potential trade-offs from various investment alternatives and calibrate various risk parameters like tracking error. Ultimately, we combine these results with the plan sponsor’s investment preferences to arrive at a suitable selection of instruments and solutions. Portfolio managers continuously monitor the performance of all strategies, re-evaluate risk dynamics and search for cost-saving implementation options as markets evolve.

Our tools

Our diverse team has deep investment experience across products and asset classes which can enhance the customization and cost-effectiveness of our solutions.

Exchange-traded products

  • Equity futures
  • Interest rate and Treasury futures
  • Commodity futures
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)


  • Equity total return swaps
  • Treasury total return swaps
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Dividend swaps
  • Credit default swaps
  • Inflation swaps

Options and volatility

  • Equity
  • Swaptions
  • Treasury futures options
  • Volatility futures
  • Volatility and variance swaps

Foreign exchange

  • Forwards
  • Futures
  • Options

Benefits of partnering with us

We seek to add value for our clients through our solutions-focused approach that analyzes current portfolios relative to desired outcomes.

Our experienced investment professionals combine global research and local execution with extensive cross-asset allocation expertise.

We provide custom overlays with efficient market exposures for strategic or tactical purposes, as well as scalable and customizable structured solutions

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We publish a range of research articles and publications covering key themes in financial markets and topical investment commentary.

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In certain strategies, LGIMA might utilize derivative securities which inherently include a higher risk than other investments strategies. Investors should consider these risks with the understanding that the strategy may not be successful and work in all market conditions. Reference to an index does not imply that an LGIMA portfolio will achieve returns, volatility or other results similar to the index. You cannot invest directly in an index, therefore, the composition of a benchmark index may not reflect the manner in which an LGIMA portfolio is constructed in relation to expected or achieved returns, investment holdings, portfolio guidelines, restrictions, sectors, correlations, concentrations, volatility, or tracking error targets, all of which are subject to change over time.

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