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Navigating the uncertain times ahead can be aided by the usage of equity collar strategies that narrow the range of possible outcomes


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LGIM’s 7th Climate Impact Pledge report outlines the actions taken in 2022 to drive positive change on behalf of our clients on decarbonization and the related issues of biodiversity and nature loss.


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A monthly update highlighting key market indicators that are most relevant for pension plans.

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Balloon Popping

The Catch-22 Economy

Q3 2023

Throughout this year, all eyes have been on the macro environment, but it has been the ability of companies to successfully manage disinflation that appears to be responsible for the economy’s resilience.

Money with dice

A Lesson in Liabilities

Q2 2023

Policymakers appear to have succeeded in putting an end to deposit runs and bank failures in recent weeks by acting swiftly to provide liquidity. However, the risk remains that the bank crisis will smolder for months without any spectacular failures, yet gradually create grave implications for the economy and risk assets.

A storm at a beach looking out to the ocean

Brighter Days Ahead?

Q1 2023

There is growing optimism that investors will fare better in 2023 than they did in 2022. The caveat is that better does not necessarily mean this year will be an especially good one for markets or that it will be easier to navigate.

Rope Knot

The Cost of Credibility

Q4 2022

Volatility and risk premiums are likely to remain elevated until the Fed stops hiking, which means the fourth quarter could be the most challenging of the year.

Wooden Shapes

A Double-edged Sword

Q3 2022

According to numerous surveys, most investors now anticipate a US recession before the end of 2023. But it is not just the professional investment community that is concerned; a recession is now a topic of conversation at the dinner table.

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