28 Mar 2024
12 min read

Index Plus: Capturing the Missed Opportunities of Standard Passive Investing

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Passive investing continues to grow at a fervent pace and for good reason. Index returns have been strong, and fees continue to come down; naturally, allocations have increased. But, despite the growth, benchmarks continue to be inefficient which can expose index investors to uncompensated risks. As such, the marketplace has evolved to exploit these inefficiencies in an attempt to maximize performance, but not all investors are aware.

Our Index Plus strategy seeks to exploit these inefficiencies by implementing a low active risk approach to passive investments. For large, long-term institutional investors with a core passive strategy, Index Plus offers a step forward by unlocking the potential to add increased performance while maintaining low base index fees. This innovative approach aims to enhance the performance of passive assets by following two core principles.

  1. Focusing on micro inefficiencies: Traditional index funds, although cost-effective, adhere to rules-based construction methodologies. These methodologies prioritize investability and often reactively implement corporate events. However, this adherence can inadvertently create micro inefficiencies within the portfolio. Our Index Plus strategy takes a different approach. By more thoughtfully managing passive investments, we seek to exploit these inefficiencies and deliver modest alpha—typically ranging from 5 to 30 basis points per annum depending on the benchmark—while maintaining a low active risk profile targeting an information ratio close to one.
  2. Utilizing four pre-defined opportunity sets: To capture outperformance created by index micro inefficiencies, we implement our low active risk approach across four buckets.
    • Event-driven opportunities: These arise from events such as IPOs/SPOs, pairs trading, reweights, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and spin-offs. By actively monitoring and reacting to these events, we aim to capture value.
    • Rebalance prediction: We model widely followed methodologies to predict index additions and deletions. This predictive capability allows us to optimize portfolio adjustments before official index announcements, potentially enhancing returns.
    • Synthetic asymmetries: We continuously monitor implied funding rates to identify opportunities in synthetic equity markets. When relevant, we capture these asymmetries to enhance returns.
    • Risk inefficiencies: Our approach capitalizes on specific risk factors that create various opportunities over time. We leverage our data and analytical tools to capture several inefficiencies, including:
      • Stranded asset pricing dislocations
      • Idiosyncratic volatility (e.g., meme stocks)
      • Smart sustainability for achieving better risk-adjusted returns
      • Quality vs. Junk
      • Geopolitical risks and mispricings

In summary, for large institutional investors with a core passive strategy, Index Plus may offer a compelling proposition as it combines the best of both worlds: the cost-effectiveness of passive investing with the potential for added performance. Whether you’re seeking to optimize your long-term institutional portfolio or simply explore new avenues, Index Plus offers a strategic solution tailored to your needs. Our commitment lies in delivering value while minimizing risk at a fee that is aligned to positive outcomes, making your passive assets work harder for you.


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