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Closed for Renovations – The Retirement Supermarket

The emerging battleground for retiree asset placement reinforces the necessity for advisors and solutions to remain flexible as the retirement world and wealth market increasingly converge. It is crucial for a solution to be flexible enough to be implemented in both ecosystems in order to ensure successful utilization.
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Women at the executive level

LGIM has been pushing for better gender diversity across all organizational levels in our investee companies for over a decade. This issue remains a priority for us, and we are gradually escalating our voting decisions in line with market expectations.
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SVB’s Downfall and the Outlook for the Fixed Income Market

The recent turmoil in the banking sector serves as reminder that the roots of a crisis can often be traced back to losing sight of the basics. Over the past week, time tested principles have emerged from the shadows and returned to the spotlight.
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2023: The Year of the Pension Hedging Revolution

To protect the hard-earned funded status gains of 2022, plan sponsors should explore the various hedging structures, including capitalizing on short-term tactical opportunities and establishing long-term strategies to shape the plan’s funded status outcomes.
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Could 50 be the new 20

It’s time for the Treasury to acknowledge that the reissuance of the 20-year Treasury might have been a failed experiment and should reconsider introducing a 50-year Treasury.
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We Received Special Financial Assistance Funds. Now What?

We discuss the opportunity to help ensure benefit security and financial viability for multi-employer plan participants and sponsors, as well as a practical approach for plans seeking relief.
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LGIM America and EDF: A new kind of climate partnership

Neaaz Mozumder and Andrew Howell of EDF talk about how to get business leaders to advocate for key policies and how to meet the growing demand for ESG-aligned investment options.
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Cash Balance Plans Face Stormy Weather

Cash balance plans have been operating in a relatively benign, low-tide environment, but now face a high-tide sea change where we believe greater care and attention is required.
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Enter Dispersion: Why the End of Monetary Accommodation Could Be a Tailwind for Active Bond Investors

We believe bond investors should remain confident that active managers who can navigate the turbulence still have the opportunity to add value in their portfolios.
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What Omicron Means for the Markets

From South Africa’s discovery of the COVID-19 Omicron variant to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s commentary around inflation and tapering slowdown, markets have continued to digest dynamic news in the days following Thanksgiving. We share our thoughts while setting course to navigate what is anticipated to be a stormy December.

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