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Inclusive capitalism needs an inclusive culture

Inclusive capitalism

We’re an ambitious, purposeful company. We seek to tackle some of society’s biggest problems – climate change, aging populations, city regeneration and the housing crisis, just to name a few. We use today's capital to deliver results for clients while benefitting tomorrow's society—that's what inclusive capitalism is all about.

Addressing society's biggest challenges while delivering our business for future generations will take new ideas, innovation, phenomenal teamwork and relentless focus. Success can only be achieved if we’re collaborating, respectfully, inclusively and continually embracing diversity of thought and experience.

As part of our commitment to investing in our community, LGIM America offers many opportunities for employees and the company as a whole to give back by participating in community service and financial literacy related activities.

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By creating an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their opinions, we can ensure that everyone is included and able to contribute to our decision-making process.