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We are specialists in active fixed income, liability-driven investing (LDI), multi-asset solutions, equity solutions and retirement solutions for the US institutional market

With $219.7 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2024, we are proud of our commitment to partner with clients. We specialize in the design and management of investment solutions addressing three primary concerns:

Stabilizing pensions

Helping plan sponsors aim to keep their pension promises to participants

Income for life

Helping to ensure retirees have steady streams of income throughout their life

Sustainable solutions

Generating returns while making a positive impact in our society and world

Our investment capabilities

Active Fixed Income Solutions

With extensive credit experience, deep market intelligence, and a disciplined approach focused on asset allocation, industry rotation, security selection and tightly controlled duration and yield curve positioning, our active fixed income team has produced returns relative to clients’ specified benchmarks in both good and bad markets. In addition, our credit analysts incorporate ESG considerations into their fundamental analysis. 

Equity Solutions

Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives by developing and implementing innovative solutions. We are witnessing a significant shift in investor thinking regarding the optimal way to access market beta. In addition to maintaining a stable suite of passive strategies, we continue to develop our capabilities to support this evolution. Our solutions framework is centered on three primary areas (Beta Enhancement, Outcome Oriented, and Strategy Research & Development), which we hope to connect by providing our clients with actionable portfolio insights.

Liability Driven Investing (LDI) Solutions

We are focused on designing and delivering customized Liability Driven Investing (LDI) solutions for our clients by acting as objectives-based investors. We seek to minimize funded status volatility and shape funded status outcomes. We focus on partnering with plan sponsors and their advisors to understand strategic plan objectives and constraints, which allow us to design and construct LDI solutions tailored to each client’s specific situation.

Multi-asset Solutions

Our professionals are adept at tackling complex portfolio challenges and delivering prudent solutions. Our strategies can be delivered in custom, separately-managed accounts, as well as traditional fund structures, to provide scale as necessary. We focus on careful risk management, capital efficiency, liquidity and cost reduction in each mandate, regardless of structure.

Private Credit Solutions

Long-term investors can add value to their portfolios by including an allocation to investment grade private credit that delivers enhanced yield, diversification and structural protection in exchange for reduced liquidity. Since 2017, we have been expanding LGIM’s global private credit platform within the infrastructure finance, corporate and alternative investment sectors and targeting the strong appetite for the asset class from US institutional investors.

Retirement Solutions

We use our DB-thinking to create DC solutions by applying LDI/pension de-risking strategic thinking and approaches to DC plans. By applying a de-risking approach to retirement segments, we can provide the DC industry with institutional thinking that helps plan sponsors keep their participants’ retirement wealth funded while decumulating.

Sustainable Solutions

There is a broad spectrum of client goals related to ESG considerations. Our products and capabilities are designed to meet clients where they are, utilize our best thinking and embrace customized solutions. For example, clients are increasingly interested in investment solutions that reduce exposure to high carbon emission producing companies with minimal impact on risk and return characteristics.

LGIM America Mutual Funds

Visit our mutual fund site to view information about our funds

Stewardship through action

As part of a global enterprise, we use our scale to strategically advocate for better governance to help reduce long-term risk. This means we engage with companies directly to promote corporate governance improvements and work with a host of capital market stakeholders to address areas that threaten market resiliency. Learn more about our approach to stewardship, its relevance to our clients and the results we have achieved.

Benefits of working with us

Client-centric culture

With a deep understanding of our clients’ objectives, we collaborate to design custom solutions backed by investment professionals.

Experienced professionals

By building teams of skilled professionals and focusing our capabilities around our strengths, we can help deliver investment performance that meets the needs of our clients.

Customized solutions

Our focus is to deliver outcomes matching our clients’ objectives using our solutions-based approach. We use our investment experience in delivering innovative solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specifications.

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