• PDF file: A Guide to ESG Transparency

    In this guide, we set out our expectations as a long-term investor regarding what ESG information our investee-listed companies should report on, and how to communicate this information effectively to stakeholders.

    01 Sep 2020

  • PDF file: Active Ownership Report 2019 - Full Version

    Active ownership means working to create sustainable value for our clients. Our annual report details how we achieved this in 2019.

    06 May 2020

  • PDF file: Active Ownership Report 2019 - Highlights

    Our objective is to effect positive change in the companies and assets in which
    we invest, and for society as a whole.

    21 Apr 2020

  • PDF file: Asset Manager of the Future

    This paper describes why we view stewardship as an essential feature for asset managers to thrive in an evolving financial landscape.

    20 Mar 2020

  • PDF file: Climate Impact Pledge

    We are renewing our Climate Impact Pledge, a program of targeted engagement with about 80 companies that we launched in 2016 to hasten the transition to a low-carbon economy. We will broaden the pledge’s reach to include hundreds more companies, with the ultimate goal of aiming to achieve net-zero carbon emissions globally by 2050 – an objective of critical importance to our clients and society as a whole.

    14 Oct 2020

  • PDF file: Contoversial Weapons Policy

    Through the implementation of this controversial weapons policy, Legal & General Investment Management (Holdings) Limited (‘LGIM(H)’) and its subsidiaries will exclude from its investments those companies involved in the manufacture and production of cluster munitions, anti-personnel landmines, and biological and chemical weapons.

    01 Sep 2020

  • PDF file: Debunking Myths About Corporate Diversity

    We’ve met with hundreds of company boards about improving their levels of gender diversity. The pushback we receive can be quite surprising…

    01 Oct 2020

  • PDF file: ESG Engagement Policy

    Ongoing dialogue with companies is a fundamental aspect of LGIM’s commitment to responsible investment. Engagement will be triggered in a variety of ways, such as a regular catch-ups; analysis of responsible investment themes and voting issues; general knowledge of the company; or a media report.

    01 Sep 2020

  • PDF file: ESG Scores - a Quantitative Analysis

    In 2019, LGIM ran a targeted engagement campaign focused on social, governance and transparency issues at large companies with poor ESG scores. After giving them
    an opportunity to improve their scores, we take a quantitative look at the results in this paper to identify whether progress has been made.

    24 Feb 2021

  • PDF file: Ethnic Diversity

    The horrifying killing of George Floyd and so many others has led many institutional investors to think much more seriously about structural racism and inequality. At LGIM, we believe asset managers must go further – now is the time for action.

    01 Sep 2020